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The Bible has Cometh!

Saying I cherished my time at SVA’s Masters in Branding program is an understatement. In fact, nothing can appropriately describe the year I spent with some of the most amazing design and branding talent that exists today. Much has come from this humbling experience and today there is concrete evidence of just how much was achieved during this time.

"Brand Bible" was a project initially conceived by Debbie Millman as a book that would chronicle the history of branding as well as show case some of the most successful branding work that has been done in various industries. Little did we know that a chance to coauthor this book with Debbie would be imminent.

For a solid 4+ months, we were in and out of the studio on Friday afternoons, as well as plenty of weeknights and weekends, working hard on researching, collecting and writing for the book. I was very happy to work alongside my friends and colleagues Chi Wai Lima and Jada Britto. We had a great time, to say the least. Our biggest opportunity came when we were welcomed by Rusty Clifton, Design Manager of Topical Healthcare at Johnson and Johnson’s Global Strategy Design Office to discuss Band-Aid®. 

The book looks amazing and I recommend it to anyone interested in branding and design, not because I’m involved in it, but because there’s a lot to learn about the branded world we live in.

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Debbie Millman never seizes to surprise! Her latest creation is this gorgeous wrapping paper that will go on sale tomorrow, 11/16/2011 at One Kings Lane.

Although I rarely use wrapping paper, I think I’m going to purchase some of this and keep it around for that rare occasion.

As soon as you place branding in the realm of service, it becomes infinitely more complicated. Consider the behavioral characteristics of flight attendants, or the experience of getting on an airplane. That is what distinguishes one airline from another. It isn’t the aircraft, it isn’t the product—it isn’t the time it takes. It is the environment, the seating, and the way you are treated. These things are much harder to manage. They are infinitely more complicated, and the traditional consumer goods business—P&G, Unilever, and companies of that kind—are completely incapable of understanding how much more complicated a service or retail brand is.
Wally Olins from” Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits”, by Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman & The GLEE-ful Brands!

As if we weren’t getting enough attention as the new generation of “branders” at the FUSE Conference this week, Debbie Millman called us up on Monday night and shared with us her plan to open up FUSE with a surprise! There was nervousness. There was skepticism. And there were those, like me, who thought, “OH MAN! On stage with Debbie singing to Julie Andrews?”. What a fantastical experience!