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Mile-high madness with Richard Simmons!

I’ve caught myself a few times disregarding inflight safety videos and then I guilt myself into thinking that if anything should really happen, I would be the one to blame for the demise of the passengers for not knowing what to do.

But you know what? I take that back. If anything should happen, NO ONE would know what to do, because frankly NO ONE ever pays attention.

Inflight safety videos bore everyone to death. They are a requirement by the FAA and must be shown on every flight before take-off. Only a handful of airlines have tried to re-envision what these videos could look like. My knowledge only extends as far as Virgin Atlantic who were the first to create a humorous cartoon video. That was fun to watch. Soon enough, Virgin America made their own lively video.

But today, the trend has extended across the seas to New Zealand where Richard Simmons seem to be big??!! Air New Zealand now holds the number one spot on my list (which I technically haven’t created yet) of top inflight safety videos. Watch and laugh!