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Lufthansa’s Brand New Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental


When I was transiting through Frankfurt this summer, I tweeted from the airport that I was waiting at a Lufthansa gate and that I needed caffeine to wake me up. Almost immediately, a Lufthansa representative tweeted back with a list of coffee spots around my gate and thanked me for flying Lufthansa. 

Somehow this made me smile. Knowing that someone out there is listening makes a big difference. It delights you.

Apparently, KLM tried to move this concept a bit further last year and decided to take advantage of social media to make their passengers a bit happier by surprising them with a gift. A tweet can surely go a long way!

No contest Lufthansa has convinced me. It’s a great brand that works hard on consumer relationships. I’m especially taken away by their service on their gorgeous A380s. Nice job Lufthansa!

A “Brand New” Experience

My Lufthansa experience was quite brilliant, I have to say. My obsessive self examined every little detail of the flight experience from JFK all the way to Beirut. I was very impressed with how granular Lufthansa got with making sure the brand experience was perfect in every form, from the boarding pass, to the gate, to the pillows and blankets and food trays. Their effort in rebranding in the last few years has paid off and given them a well-deserved facelift. One thing that impressed me the most was the self-boarding process. Instead of a gate agent swiping your boarding pass, you did it yourself, similar to how you would swipe a metro card on the subway. I wonder if the boarding process may evolve soon enough to be completely unassisted. It begs the question of whether one day security check could exclude live TSA employees.