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Sony NEX-7 vs. Olympus OM-D

Last summer I was convinced that I needed to invest in a DSLR. I was hoping to rekindle my passion for videography by purchasing a still camera that could shoot HD video. Plenty of research later led me to Sony, specifically to the NEX line that promises to be the next generation of interchangeable lens cameras. 

As much as I trust their credibility and engineering, Sony, however, could never become my favorite electronics brand because of their insistance on using their own proprietary formats. Nothing is ever compatible or universal with them. Regardless, I overcame that point and planned on purchasing the NEX-7 for a hefty sum, until mothernature decided it would pause things for a few months. Devastated by the floods, Sony’s Thailand factories had to be shutdown for production and the release date of the NEX-7 was postponed till April.

But a lot can happen in 4 months, and a lot did. Olympus has now come out with the new OM-D line, based off it’s 1970’s OM cameras. The camera is a micro four-thirds camera and seems to be the next big competitor to Sony’s NEX-7.

As of now, reviews have been fantastic and I believe I just might be sold on getting this one instead. I’ll wait though to see a final production model hands-on and most importantly make sure that the HD movie mode rivals that of Sony.