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On February 15, I had the great honor of hosting our first ever SVA BrandMasters™ lecture as part of Social Media Week, New York City. I had planned for this event alongside my friends Chi Wai Lima and Margaux Genin with the help of J’aime Cohen and Bret Sanford-Chung.

I must admit, the road leading up to that day was extremely rough and challenging, but the learnings proved invaluable. On the day of, my biggest fear was failure. But then I remembered someone very special once telling me, “If you’re not scared, then you just don’t care”. 

The event ended up a huge success and exceeded our expectations. We filled up our room with about 100 people, and we had only accounted for about 60+. Yes, people were left standing and chairs had to be added at the last minute. It wasn’t ideal, but it sure made me feel great!

Here’s the video of the amazing panelists